CPCS Plant Training & Testing Available Programmes

Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

The CPCS training scheme aims to provide proof of the skills and abilities of plant operators. It is based on a mix of professional competence, experience on site and health and safety awareness - three essential qualities for operating plant machinery safely and effectively. Being more effective in the workplace means that all construction jobs are completed quicker and to a better standard. Many companies have taken the opportunity to give their staff construction training and they have benefitted from it.

As an accredited CPCS test centre we offer a wide range of construction plant courses, a great on centre experience and fully qualified trainers and testers. We provide the best service in getting you the training you need which can inlcude a wide variety from 1 day to 10 day training courses. 

The CPCS test consists of a professional one-to-one theoretical exam, followed by a practical examination. The theory exam will be recorded by one of our testers and the CPCS practical test may also be video recorded for verification purposes. Both the theory and practical tests are designed to assess competency levels in operating plant machinery.

Sibbald deliver CPCS Plant Training and Testing. All CPCS categories are available including specialist lifting.

Please let us know if your pay CITB Levy as grants and funding will be available to you.

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