NPORS N133 - Plant Marshalling
Duration 1 day
Team Default team
Course Aims

To provide thorough theory and practical training on the role of the Plant Marshaller, enabling candidates to competently and safely carry out the role with a view to confidently passing the assessment.

Who Attends

Candidates must have passed the CSCS Health and Safety test (within the last 24 months)

Course Content

  • Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as the plant marshaller

  • Outline the hierarchy of control measures for plant movement, and the requirement of a work management traffic plan

  • Outline the legislative requirements and procedures for plant accessing and egressing from the public highway

  • Explain types, attributes, limitations, hazards and stability factors of plant operating within that sector

  • Explain the requirement, functionality, benfits and limitations of a variety of driver visibility aids within that sector

  • Explain how ground conditions, proximity hazards and weight limites can affect the operation of plant

  • Explain the importance and relevance of marshaller positioning

  • Describe and use different types of communication for receiving and communication plant movements

  • Guiding plant into and out of restricted areas

  • Explain action required for hazards, underground and overhead services

  • Ensure all manoeuvering areas are kept safe

To achieve the Red NPORS Trained Operator Card candidates must pass the NPORS Theory Test and the Practical Test.

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