EUSR (Plus) MINIEX - 360 Excavator Below 10 Tonnes
Duration 9 days
Team Default team
Course Aims

To deliver fit for purpose training and assessment to employers within the utilities sector on the plant that they use on a daily basis.

Who Attends

Candidates must have passed the CSCS Health and Safety test (within the last 24 months)

Course Content

  • Identify main components of the machine and explain their purpose
  • Use all controls and explain the meanings of dials and gauges
  • Reference information and follow instructions detailed in operator's handbook
  • Carry out static and running checks in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and best practice
  • Power up machine and prepare for travel
  • Travel the machine over rough ground, inclines and step curbs
  • Manoeuvre the excavator into and around restricted areas
  • Prepare machine for excavation work
  • Carry out various excavation activities below ground level
  • Backfill excavations and grade/ level terrain
  • Park, shut down and secure machine
  • Change bucket attachments
  • Load and unload machine from transportation trailer
Upon successful registration individuals are issued with a EUSR registration card, with the details of the PLUS training completed on the back.

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