EUSR (Plus) FTD - Forward Tipping Dumper
Duration 3 days
Course Aims

To enable participants to acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding to safely operate a Front Loading Dumper. Training is available in two variations. Both cover the same assessments; however operatives new to plant operations will require more in depth training.

Who Attends

Candidates must have passed the CSCS Health and Safety test (within the last 24 months)

Course Content

  • Identify the basic construction, purpose and function of components for equipment to operate on the highway
  • Identify the purpose and use of all controls and explain meaning of gauges
  • Identify and comply with manufacturer's instructions in accordance with operators handbook and other information sources
  • Carry out pre-use and running checks prior to commencing operations
  • Manoeuvre the plant safely within the site framework
  • Demonstrate an understanding of recognised hand signals
  • Position plant correctly for loading
  • Manoeuvre loaded plant correctly taking a pre-determined route
  • Place loads correctly
  • Keep within safe working parameters
  • Demonstrate shut down and security procedures when leaving plant unattended
Upon successful registration individuals are issued with a EUSR registration card, with the details of the PLUS training completed on the back.

Sibbald Limited Centre Locations

May be obtained upon application.

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