EUSR- Utilities Safety Health Environmental Awareness (Core)
Duration 1 day
Course Aims

The scheme is designed to ensure individuals gain a rounded appropriate level of knowledge, understanding health, safety and environmental law and their associated responsibilities.
The course will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to ensure that safety issues are managed effectively, protecting the workforce, other people and the general environment and ensuring that legal compliance is achieved.

Who Attends SHEA Core scheme is designed for individuals who require access to operational sites within the water industry, both permanent and temporary, at all levels including operatives, supervisors and management.
Course Content The SHEA CORE scheme comprises of six modules.

The content is reviewed periodically and consists of Six (6) ‘’core’’ training modules.
Module 1: Understanding our workplace responsibilities (CORE)
Module 2: Understanding the effects of our work on the working environment (CORE)
Module 3: Identifying and controlling risks (CORE)
Module 4: Common hazards in the workplace (CORE)
Module 5: Occupational health hazards (CORE)
Module 6: Responding to emergencies (CORE)
Knowledge The programme content and scheme specification have been developed through consultation with the utilities industry. It is designed to provide evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and behavioural awareness.
Methods Teaching Methods
The course is highly interactive with a high proportion of discussions, best practice sharing, syndicate exercises and case studies will be supplemented with classroom based tutorial.

Assessment Methods
Six (6) written assessments are carried out, one for each training module. Attendees must be present in all training modules and assessments must be completed successfully to obtain a PASS grade.
Qualifications Obtained Issue of the related EUSR Core Passport (valid 3 years) will be awarded to those persons who successfully complete the. EUSR Water Passport is generally accepted as a minimum site entry requirement.
Entry Requirements Pre-Requisites:  The minimum entry requirement is a good understanding of spoken and written English
Additional Information For this course to be held at your own location, please ensure that the classroom you make available has a 240v power supply and is a suitable size for the number of delegates attending. Please ensure that the practical area has been risk assessed, is free from harm and is suitable for training.

Bespoke Course
Courses can be arranged at your location on a date to suit your needs.
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